Through my more than 20 years of work in the vintage sector, I have built up an extensive network of specialists, private collectors and museums. This allows me to get information for the reconstruction of missing vehicle parts (as a loan in the form of original samples, photos or even works drawings).
My demand for a true-to-original reconstruction requires perfectcraftsmanship (modern techniques) and the authentic functionality of the vehicle. In order to complete an incomplete vehicle through reconstruction, a sample of the distinctive vehicle parts must be available as original.
Example: During the reconstruction of the Tourmegola the engine and various original parts (speedometer, handlebar armatures) were available as original. I reconstructed the missing chassis with all the attachments with the help of original samples.
Complete reconstructions such as the Royal sports side car type SM1 have been labeled and the owner provided with written documentation.


The Megola as a sports model of 1924

Basis for the detailed reconstruction of the Sportmegola
were my custom-made sketches, cardboard models, dimension drawings and many pictures of an original Sportmegola.
Reconstruction of the whole sheet metal body with attachments, in steel sheet 2,00mm, 1,00mm and 0,75mm.
The entire sheet metal parts are shaped in such a way that no subsequent filling work is required. The mould making for the cast aluminum foot boards was carried out in our own workshop. The Megola was first assembled in the raw state.



Royal side car

Reconstruction of a Royal Sport side car with frame type SM1 1923

Customer: BMW collector USA
Work begin: March 2008
Completion: Sept. 2009



Reconstruction of tank halves for Krieger & Knädig motorcycle 1922