All racing parts are made by myself according to original parts, historical photographs, blue prints or according to special customer requirements.
The racing sport is a very special domain as this is an area were parts have to be reconstructed, which on the one hand are unique and on the other hand very complicated in the manufacture. The fabricating of 1,00mm thick aluminum sheet or aluminum skin into a finely hammered fairing is not a rarity in racing sport.


Fuel tank for BMW R37 racing motorcycle from 1926

Detailed reconstruction of the tank as a riveted and soft solder sheet metal construction. Finished tank top and bottom in 0,88mm sheet steel.
Both parts were then galvanically tinned for corrosion protection.
The tank top with filler neck was screwed to the underside of the tank with M3 countersunk screws and then the completely screwed visible edge was soft soldered. In the final operation, the circumventing solder seam was then filed and smoothened flat with the surrounding surface.



Fuel tank in sheet steel for BMW R51 RS



Fuel tank model Lugauer for BMW models R5 – R68

Made in aluminum or steel sheet with or without tool compartment. Other racing parts for BMW models R5, R51RS, R51/3 – R68. Aluminum mudguards in 1.2mm with side stays.