Six-Days-BMW off road (ISDT)

The International Six Day Trials (ISDT) was popular in the 50s and 60s and was a highly prestigious and advertising event for motorcycle manufacturers. The driver and the machine had to master different terrain for six days.
An extreme strain on the drivers and their machines. The BMW machines were especially prepared for this event in the BMW race department.


The BMW R68 with ISDT equipment

High mounted exhaust system, oil pan protection, 21-inch front wheel, off road tires, short rear fender, spare Bowden cables, stone impact guards, starting number plates, leather bags.

According to research, this particular R68 took part in the international Six-Days Alpine Tour in Austria in 1953.
The R68 was equipped with a compressed air bottle, a six-day VDO watch, a six-day leather bag and start numbers.
This particular machine is in private ownership.



I offer the following for the BMW models R51/3, R67 and R68:
High mounted ISDT exhaust system, rear fender with cigar light, leather bag for the tank, oil pan protection, headlight grill, additional container for reserve Bowden cables with carburetor slide holder, tool cushion for rear fender.

The reproduction parts are produced in detail according to pictorial material, original blue prints and original samples.


ISDT conversion parts for the BMW motorcycles R50, R60 and R69S

R50 in the ISDT off-road-look from 1954: The luggage rack was additionally manufactured for the subsequent private use of the machine.
At the request of a customer from the USA, the conversion parts were reconstructed according to old photographs from the 1960s. This R50 with the number 550012 from 1954, was a BMW works test motorcycle for off-road sport.
This machine was sold to the USA in January 1957. It is now with an American collector who was responsible for restoring it back into its original condition as an ISDT motorcycle.



R69S off-road conversion for the ISDT 1962

Customer request from the USA: Conversion of a R69S to the ISDT modeled on the off-road sports machine from Sebastian Nachtmann. The exact detailed construction was done according to original photographic records.
The photographs show a high mounted exhaust system with torpedo shaped exhaust silencer (with performance tuning), as well as a rigid mounted front fender and the ISDT rear fender. All parts were pre-mounted on a BMW R69.

Other conversion parts: seat cushion filled with tire inner-tube, clutch lever mounted over gearbox, screw-on oil pan guard

Further special parts: Crash bars with six-frame mounting, as well as large, up and forward facing air filter box (splash protection) and stone protection guard for the headlamp.

All parts fit perfectly and are ready-to-install (painted, hand-painted and chrome-plated). The customer can assemble these ISDT parts on his R69S and complete the coherent conversion with off-road tires and handle bar. All parts are available on customer request.



High mounted exhaust system for the BMW R75/5 short swing arm

The exhaust system was changed with the introduction of the new /5. BMW R75/5 with terrain exhaust system: Flat silencer similar to R69S with two 38mm diameter exhaust pipes.

The system can be ordered (ready to fit chromed exhaust pipes with heat shield and black painted silencer).