Hans Keckeisen – Shaping metal with master craftsmanship

Sheet metalwork, restoration and reconstruction: classic motorcycles, unusual body work and racing parts, perfect and detailed.

My work in detail

>> Restoration

>> Reconstruktion

>> Preservation & conservation of Original Substance

>> International Six Day Trial (ISDT) off road BMW motorcycle

>> Racing

>> Sheet metal – forms

Company profile

>> Education and master’s trade examination (1986) in sheet metal and bodywork

>> Vocational education and training in technical subjects (1991)

>> Teaching at the Vocational school for Metal working professions (since 1992)

>> Founding of my own restoration company in October 1995

 Anhang-Details Hans-Keckeisen-in-der-Werkstatt-Hans-Keckeisen

I continued to develop my hand working skills and my concept of dealing with historical objects through thorough research and personal contacts (collectors, museums and specialists in technical cultural heritage). So I can now look back on a versatile expertise. I have been working intensively with BMW, Megola and Windhoff motorcycles for many years, just to emphasize a few models.

With many years of experience and great personal enthusiasm for traditional craftsmanship techniques, I treat every vehicle and object individually to achieve the greatest possible authenticity and originality through my work. My craftsmanship includes all the requirements for historically correct and detailed restorations, reconstructions and preservation.

I regularly work on projects for an international clientele e.g. Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, USA.