Preservation & Conservation of Original Substance

Preserving existing original substance means that each object or part thereof is always a case-by-case decision.
Discussions with the owner about the procedure are the prerequisite for the success of the work.

The preservation and maintenance of the original substance means:

Thorough cleaning, removal of corrosion
Careful repair of damage, technical and mechanical components
Surface coating and galvanic treatment
Painted surface treatment with oil or nitro lacquer paint (construction-related)
Surface protection


BMW R32 sheet metal in original condition from 1923

The original parts prior to processing



Dented surfaces, removed retaining brackets, surface corrosion and cracks in the sheet metal.

The preservation in detail:

Careful cleaning of individual parts with sponge and soap
Removal of loose rust and paint rests with brass brush and fine steel wool
Only strongly corroded areas are partially treated with rust converters
Careful panel beating of the sheet metal surfaces with the aim of retaining the original paint work and pin stripes
Cracks in the sheet metal are repaired by TIG welding
Restoration of the damaged paint surface following matching of the original paint
Surface protection: all parts are treated several times with preservative oil (protects all parts from moisture and further corrosion)